Jun 12

Fantasyland Chef at the Be Our Guest Restaurant Reveals New Menu Items

Be Our Guest Restaurant FantasylandThe Disney Parks Blog recently revealed some of the items that will be on the menu at the all new Be Our Guest Restaurant in the Magic Kingdom Fantasyland Expansion!

“Lunch is quick service, but not traditional counter service,” says Chef Deardorff. Guest-activated terminals make ordering a snap (there also will be traditional cashiers for cash orders and special dietary requests). You order, take a seat and lunch is delivered to your table – on china, not paper.

Back to the menu. “It’s all about simple, fresh ingredients,” says Deardorff. “Just like your favorite quick-service restaurants across Magic Kingdom Park, you’ll be able to enjoy sandwiches and salads at Be Our Guest Restaurant for lunch, but all with a twist that transports you to the French setting of ‘Beauty and the Beast.’”

Lunch Menu Items

  • Tuna Niçoise Salad
  • Croque Monsieur Sandwich with Carved Ham, Gruyere Cheese, Béchamel and Pommes Frites
  • Carved Turkey on a warm Baguette with Dijon Mayonnaise and Pommes Frites
  • Grilled Steak Sandwich with Garlic Butter Spread and Pommes Frites
  • Braised Pork …cooked for eight hours
  • Vegetarian Vegetable Quiche
  • Vegetarian Quinoa, Shallot and Chive Salad

Dinner is table service…

Dinner Appetizer Menu Items

  • Charcuterie Plate with Cured Meats and Sausages
  • Mussels steamed in White Wine
  • French Onion Soup
  • Potato Leek Soup
  • Salad with Champagne Vinaigrette
  • Salad Trio with three mini tastes: Roasted Beet, Raisins and Orange; Green Beans, Tomatoes and Roasted Shallots; and Watermelon, Radish and Mint

Dinner Entree Menu Items

  • Thyme-Scented Pork Rack Chop with au Gratin Pasta
  • Rotisserie Rock Hen with Roasted Fingerling Potatoes
  • Pan-Seared Salmon in Leek Fondue
  • Grilled Strip Steak with Pommes Frites
  • Sautéed Shrimp and Scallops with Veggies in Puff Pastry with Creamy Lobster Sauce
  • Oven-Baked Ratatouille

Dessert Menu

  • Strawberry Cream Cheese Cupcakes
  • Triple Chocolate Cupcakes
  • Chocolate Cream Puff
  • Passion Fruit Cream Puff

Kids Lunch Menu Items

For kids 9 and under…

  • Carved Turkey Sandwich
  • Roasted Pulled Pork
  • Mickey Meatloaf
  • Seared Mahi Mahi
  • Whole-Grain Macaroni topped with Marinara and Mozzarella

Kids Dinner Menu Items

  • Grilled Steak
  • Grilled Fish of the Day
  • Whole-Grain Macaroni
  • Grilled Chicken Breast

Nov 10

Dessert Review at Disney’s Saratoga Springs Turf Club Restaurant

Saratoga Springs Turf Club RestaurantDo you ever eat dessert before your meal? No? Well, I’m glad you’ve decided to start here.  This post is part of a trifecta of posts on the Turf Club restaurant at Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa.  Appetizers will be covered by AJ at the Disney Food Blog and entrees are being reviewed by Suzannah at Zannaland. But I get the best part! (insert evil laugh here) Desserts!

Last month I had the pleasure of sitting down to a three hour lunch with two of my fellow Disney bloggers, AJ and Suzannah, at the Turf Club. This was my first dining experience at this particular restaurant.  The weather was cool so we opted to sit outside on the covered veranda and settled in for our three course meal. After our appetizers (the best part of the meal IMHO) and entrees (my least favorite part of the meal) we were presented with the dessert menu.

Saratoga Springs Turf Club Dessert Menu

My eyes were laser focused on the chocolate item on the menu. I have a hard time resisting anything “chocolate” on a dessert menu.  Probably goes back to having a chocolate food allergy as a child that I later grew out of. Now I am making up for lost time!  There were three of us dining so of course we HAD to order three desserts to share.  Our choices: Banana Cheesecake, Warm Apple Crisp and the Chocolate Espresso Torte.

I’ll start with the Banana Cheesecake with Rum Sauce and fresh Seasonal Berries ($5.49)…

Banana Cheesecake Turf Club

I have a mantra….”cheese is not a dessert”…so you can probably guess where I’m going with this one.  For starters, you couldn’t even taste the banana in the cheesecake. Nope…I think they forgot to put it in.  Redeeming quality…it was extremely creamy.  AJ said it was “not the best and not the worst” cheesecake she had ever had. We’ll leave it at that.

Next up…Warm Apple Crisp with Vanilla Ice Cream ($6.49)

Apple Crisp at Disney's Turf Club

This one was definitely an improvement over the banana cheesecake. The apples were delicate and seasoned with cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, brown sugar and white sugar and the vanilla bean ice cream worked well with the warm apples.  This dessert was OK… we didn’t polish it off.

The best is always saved for last isn’t it?

We’ll finish this food review off with the Chocolate Espresso Torte with Raspberry Sauce and Vanilla-Port Wine Ice Cream ($5.99)…

Chocolate Espresso Tort at Turf Club

If I could sing this word to you I would. Just imagine me singing it…”d.e.l.i.c.i.o.u.s!”  This was truly a WOW experience for me.  Vanilla Port Wine Ice Cream? Who’da thunk it? The chef at Saratoga Springs Turf Club that’s who.  The cake was thick, rich and dense, just what you would expect from a flour-less cake. It was similar to a fudgy brownie. I was extremely disappointed that the raspberry sauce ended up being a smear on the plate. I could have drenched the cake in the sauce and enjoyed it even more, but boy oh boy did I enjoy it. And the vanilla port wine ice cream was divine! I had never tasted anything like it. You MUST give it a go if you decide to dine at the Turf Club on your next vacation.

If I had it to do over again I would go for lunch and order two appetizers ( buffalo chicken nachos and onion rings with dipping sauces), no entree and the Chocolate Espresso Torte for dessert.  That said…please check out our appetizer selections over at the Disney Food Blog and our entrees at Zannaland. A big thank you to AJ at Disney Food Blog for setting this up as well as our friend and dining companion Suzannah for the fantastic company.

I leave you with this teaser…

Turf Club Saratoga Springs