Feb 13

Coffee Drinkers Rejoice as Disney Replaces Nescafe with Joffrey’s Property Wide

Mickey Mouse Disney Coffee MugOne of the biggest gripes I hear at the Walt Disney World Resort is about the coffee that is served.

Never Rarely have I heard…”Mmmm…that Nescafe coffee really hit the spot!”  In fact, the coffee has been dubbed Nes’crap’e by most guests who visit on a regular basis.  Coffee drinkers can get some relief at a few non-Disney owned locations throughout the resort currently.  And I’ve never seen so much caffeine fueled revelry as when the Starbucks announcement was made.

Here’s some more good news my java sipping friends! Nescafe is officially being evicted so that Joffrey’s can move in. How bout them apples?

Jul 12

Watch as a Cast Member Makes Mickey Candy Apples at Disney’s Candy Cauldron

Nov 10

Disney Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Murals Made From Apples

Disney Snow White Mural made from ApplesYet another amazing Disney food find from my pal Karen Williams over at Between the Pages! These stunning works of art were made by Prudence Staite at Food is Art based out of the UK. Hosting a party? Prudence can whip up anything you can imagine out of chocolate, bread, cheese, fruit, veggies and even GRAVY…and will tell you that her food art is far more versatile than say… an ice sculpture, because…you can eat it!

Disney Snow White Seven Dwarfs Apple Mural

Disney Snow White Wicked Queen Hag Apple Mural

Disney Snow White Prince Kiss Apple Mural