Specialty Candy Apples Made to Order at Disney’s Candy Cauldron

Disney Candy Cauldron WindowLast weekend my friends and I ventured to the Pleasure Island AMC at Downtown Disney Westside to check out the premiere of Alice in Wonderland.  (I’m still undecided about how I feel about the flick)  After the movie let out, we took a leisurely, people-watching stroll through Downtown Disney.  We were on a mission that only fellow female Disneyphiles would understand… headed to the Marketplace’s Tren-D to pick up a Disney Dooney and Bourke bag.

But alas…not only are we distracted by designer handbags and shiny objects…apparently,we’re distracted by ooey-gooey sugar coma inducing ones as well.  In transit, our group spotted something so unbelievably delicious that we were forced to pull out our cameras and pay homage to it.  It was on the other side of the window at…. The Candy Cauldron!

There, spread out before us, were these large orbs on sticks.  I honestly thought that they might have been the heads of small children until I saw the sign:

Disney Candy Cauldron Apple Sign

Woah! These things were apples? From what parallel universe?  I choose the coating and topping?  I’m not sure that I could even dream up some of the combinations that were displayed in the window!  There were even some with mouse ears!

Disney Candy Apples

Disney Candy Apple Gummy Worm

Disney Candy Apple Nuts

I’ve never really been a fan of candy apples, but I may have to change my mind because this was love at first sight!

Until Next Time,

P.S. And if this post wasn’t sweet enough for ya, check out the spread at the Main Street Bakery.

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