Secret Room Inside the Mission Space Attraction at Epcot

Lynne Ronemous and Suzannah Dimarzio pose before we enter the HP Lounge

Lynne Ronemous and Suzannah Dimarzio pose before we enter the HP Lounge

I’m still on a high from Epic October 2010 at Walt Disney World this past weekend but I wanted to share some pictures with you. This had to be one of the coolest things I did in my EPIC five day romp at “the World”.  Thanks to my dear friend Lynne Ronemous, I was able to access a secret room inside of the Mission Space attraction at Epcot…the HP Lounge!

Some of you may know that each attraction in Epcot has a sponsor. Mission Space is no exception and is sponsored by HP. HP has a lounge located on the 2nd floor of the Mission Space building that overlooks the indoor queue line on one side and the Advanced Training Lab on the other.  HP employees are invited to take advantage of the lounge Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm.  I asked our host how many guests passed through the lounge on any given day and was told that the average during the busy season is about 50.  I have also been told that the lounges inside of each attraction are utilized by the children that visit Walt Disney World via the “Make a Wish” Foundation so that they can take a rest throughout the day.

Let’s start the tour shall we?….

HP Lounge at Epcot's Mission Space

Recognize this area? This is what you see when you first enter the exterior area of the attraction after the cast member asks you if you want to ride on the Orange or Green side.

Mission Space Epcot

HP Lounge Entrance Epcot Mission Space

HP invent Sinage Lounge at Epcot's Mission Space

HP Lounge Mission Space Epcot

You enter the lounge on the first floor. The entry is decorated with construction photos and concept art along with a case of special merchandise for purchase.

Mission Space Concept Art in the HP Lounge

There is also a special backdoor entrance onto the ride…oh la la! Too bad we were pressed for time and couldn’t take advantage of the VIP access! =\

Mission Space VIP Entrance through the HP Lounge

We headed upstairs to check out the lounge. Here’s the view looking downstairs

Mission Space HP Lounge

This little guy used to be used in the attraction exhibit area. I was told by our host that they no longer had the remote for it so it was mainly there as a decoration…too bad…I wanted to see what it could do

Mission Space HP Lounge HP Robot

The lounge is equipped with several comfy places to sit and chill for a while and get out of the sweltering Florida heat. We were offered an array of beverages including soda, iced tea, coffee and bottled water. (all free of charge)

Mission Space HP Lounge

Mission Space HP Lounge

This seating area overlooked the indoor queue area. I asked if the guests could see us through the windows and was told that they could but I couldn’t get anyone to look up where we were. I shoulda’ pulled out my moon walk. Also not shown in the picture was a LARGE touch screen computer we could have used to access the internet.

Mission Space HP Lounge Seating

Our view looking down from the floor to cieling windows. Recognize it? See if you can spot anyone in the lounge on your next wait at Mission Space.

Mission Space HP Lounge View

Here was another laptop at our disposal. There was also a printer that we could have used to print four photos from our digital cameras if the camera was equipped with WiFi!!!

Mission Space HP Lounge Laptop

Down the hall near the restroom exit was a large map of the globe where guests had printed out pictures of themselves and put a pin on the map to mark where they had come from.

Mission Space HP Lounge map

Mission Space HP Lounge map

Token bathroom shot…look ma’ NO LINE!

Mission Space HP Lounge Bathroom

This was a cool game that you could play where you tilted the digital board to complete tasks. Sadly…we were pressed for time and could not give it a whirl. Next time….

Mission Space HP Lounge Hover Race

That box sticking out is a private booth where you can make a digital postcard and email it home to loved ones…

Mission Space HP Lounge

Mission Space HP Lounge

Mission Space HP Lounge Postcard booth

Mission Space HP Lounge

Here’s a view looking down from the other side of the lounge at the ride exit and Advanced Training Lab. Next time you make a Postcard from Space you may have an audience! =) …I always feel like, somebodys watching me….and I have no privacy…woah oh oh

Mission Space HP Lounge View

Another view from above at the Mission Space Race in the Advanced Training lab area…

Mission Space HP Lounge View of Mission Space Race

After this amazing experience I will never look at Mission Space the same way again! See if you can spot anyone in the HP Lounge windows on your next trip to Epcot!

  • Stephanie

    Neat! When I was a kid I got to visit the World of Motion lounge area. I remember being really surprised by the office like area inside of an attraction – for a kid it was big stuff.

  • Okay so how do us mere mortals get to see and use this nice place to chilax?

  • How do us mere mortals get to use this beautiful place to chilax.

    It was interesting to see the pins on the map, I wonder if the cluster is due to where HP has office or the normal WDW visitor.

  • TheAngelForever

    My friend works for HP and has told us about going there. Thank you for the picture tour.

  • Yeah…I knew these lounges existed but this was my first visit to one of them. Very Cool…even for an adult

  • You have to get a job with hp or get an invite to visit with an hp employee.

  • I think that the dots rep where the hp offices are. My buddy who got us in is from TX and there is a large cluster there

  • Oooh…B. Next time you are there with your friend you should go check it out for realz!

  • So cool! Thanks for sharing. I had no idea this existed.

  • Jud

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing that with us mere mortals! :)

  • Now to just find someone to invite me into the Spaceship Earth lounge…. =)

  • lol….you are welcome J

  • PxyShan

    Just saw this from a link on Very cool! I was there in September and noticed the lounge for the first time while waiting in line. I saw someone walking around and the TV was on. I'm glad I'm not crazy!

  • lol…was standing at the window hoping someone would look up so I could wave…but to no avail

  • CAM

    Great pics! The peace & quiet out of the sizzling summer sun, the drinks, activities to keep the kids happy and the large private bathroom! There are also meeting rooms if you continue down that hall. I was trying to get my boss to let me work from Epcot for a day so I could call it a business trip ; ) No, he didn't go for it. I still have a number of those plastic cups I wash and reuse in the kitchen. Save 'em!

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  • Ronl12

    Nope. Each HP guest is invited to put a pin on their home town.

  • Ronl12

    Or you can be an HP “gold badge” retiree with 25 years of service. Heh, heh, heh..

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  • Emile Hebert

    How does an HP retiree get a HP pin which I believe the people in the HP lounge on the second floor at mission space in Disneyworld require of you for admission
    Do I contact HP human resources if so is there a telephone # or an email address that anyone can send me?

    Thank you
    Emilehebert@ comcast

  • Melissa

    I wonder if there was a lounge in the old Horizons building, and if any pictures of it exist somewhere.

  • lddcw

    We’ve been in the lounge. We had it to ourselves for a good 45 minutes. My husband works at HP in Texas. They had free drinks, a printer to print some of your own photos for free, a map to show where you live, a wall to post o snapshot of your self or family… It’s a nice respite, and you get to see how any other HP people around the world have visited. The HP badge also was used as a fastpass to Mission Space.

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  • Angie Sharpe Westbrooks

    Are HP Contingent Employees welcome as well?

  • I am not sure but I would ask!

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  • Victoria

    My dad worked for Disney and had a best friend who was a contractor and worked for HP. Been here. Reminded me of a bachelor pad. I think I was 16, and I remember feeling superior to the tourists in line.

  • Mike F

    I have an HP retiree Gold Badge… will that provide access to the Red Planet Room and also priority entry to the Mission ride? I will be visiting Epcot before the end of May. Thanks!