Review of Whispering Canyon Cafe at the Disney Wilderness Lodge

Rick Howard of

Rick Howard of

Have you ever seen a knife this big?

Well, I hadn’t either until my friend Rick Howard of happened to ask our server for one.

These are the kinds of shenanigans that you can expect when dining at the Whispering Canyon Cafe at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge Resort.

While there, we were also treated to a rousing rendition of “If You’re Happy and You Know it Clap Your hands”…which we participated in… along with all of our fellow dining companions and the entire restaurant and staff.  This chorus was promptly followed by a stampede of mini cowboys and cowgirls on stick ponies.  As they circled, I watched as servers toted large canister’esque’ mason jars full of beverages to several surrounding tables…this is the payment for asking your server for a refill I guess.  I was also warned to never, never, never ask for a bottle of this…






Whispering Canyon Cafe Ketchup

Whispering Canyon Cafe SignAs the sign outside the establishment reads:

Welcome to Whispering Canyon Cafe

Join us in the dining hall for some mighty fine food

We’ve got stories, games, and even a song or two so…

Get ready to join in!

The Goings-on can get a little loud, and that’s just the way we like it.

That’s exactly what we got while dining at the Cafe.  This  is such a fun family dining experience!

We went for lunch on this particular day.  There are several menu options available, but the most popular is “Our Famous Canyon Skillet All-You-Care-To-Enjoy” for $17.99.  This dish comes to the table served family style.  It includes smoked pork ribs, oven roasted chicken, sausage, baked beans, coleslaw, corn on the cob, mashed potatoes, and cornbread. (wait…I need to catch my breath…)  Check it out!…

Whispering Canyon Cafe Skillet

I watched as my dining companions gobbled up the skillet items and then asked for more.  The meat was fork tender and there was a great deal of oohing and ahhing over it.

Whispering Canyon Cafe Cornbread

I was the odd-man-out on this dining excursion and opted for the Whiskey Maple Glazed Trout $17.99.  it was served on a bed of Arugula-Frisee Salad and had tiny fingerling potatoes underneath it as well.

Whispering Canyon Cafe Whiskey Trout

My husband is allergic to fish so I order it out whenever I can.  The dish came with two generous fillets that were cooked to perfection.  The Whiskey Maple Glaze was out-of-this-world delicious and there was extra glaze that served as a dressing on the salad. I ate every last bit of what was presented on my plate and given the chance to dine there again I would order the exact same thing.  And the cornbread….oh the cornbread was sweet and moist…just perfect!

I loved the fact that our beverages were served in mason jars…

Whispering Canyon Cafe Mason Jars

As is with all things Disney, the theming of the restaurant was right on par with what you would come to expect at a Disney dining establishment.  I especially loved the fireplace inside of the restaurant.

Whispering Canyon Cafe Fireplace

The decor is very rustic…

Whispering Canyon Cafe Chandelier

Whispering Canyon Cafe Sconce

Whispering Canyon Cafe Rodeo

So if you’re looking for an exceptional Disney dining experience with good food and good family entertainment, head on over to Disney’s Wilderness Lodge and try out the Whispering Canyon Cafe.  It is accessible by boat if you’re at the Magic Kingdom and want to sneak away for a meal. Breakfast hours are 7:30 am to 11:30 am.  Lunch is served from 11:30 am to 2:00 pm…and dinner is from 5 to 10 pm daily.

Have you eaten at Whispering Canyon Cafe? What did you think?

  • LOVE this place!!!! such a good time and the food is yummytastic!!!

  • We ate there on our last trip to Disney World. We've also made reservations there for breakfast for almost everyday of our trip coming up, since we are staying at the Wilderness Lodge again.

  • I ate here as a teenager with my family. I had my hair sorta in a the server stuck straws in my hair, so that they stuck out of the top of the bun like a crown, put the mason jar glass in my hand and lifted up my arm..pic was snapped..and behold..I resembled The Statue of Liberty…ah yes….I have no recollection of how the food tasted!

  • I've never been, but you paint a nice photo and make me want to go! Hmmm,,,are they still up at wdw-dine?

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  • I would love to go again and get the fish. Who wants to join me?

  • Don't know if I could bring myself to eat there any other time that the fish wasn't available. It was that good.

  • Yes…I must make another pilgrimage there to see what other shenanigans take place that i missed during my lunch

  • Shannon…I will go with you. Put me on the ADR sister

  • Ate there in February with Rick, and you have captured it perfectly!

  • Thanks boo. What did you order there?

  • Uh! I'm drawing a blank . . . I think it was the burger. The reason it was immemorable was because I was salivating over the turkey sandwiches that my daughter and Rick got. Was one of those meals where I went, “Aw, man! I should have gotten that!”

  • Thanks boo. What did you order there?

  • Uh! I'm drawing a blank . . . I think it was the burger. The reason it was immemorable was because I was salivating over the turkey sandwiches that my daughter and Rick got. Was one of those meals where I went, “Aw, man! I should have gotten that!”

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