Refurbished Guest Room Photos at Disney’s POP Century Resort

This week my girlfriend Suzannah and I stayed at Disney’s POP Century Resort. We were in “the world” for the special U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds “fly over” at the Magic Kingdom. Zanna and I just so happened to be assigned a refurbished room in the 1950’s Building and I thought that I’d share some pictures of our new and improved room with you.

New bedding…

Disney pop century resort refurbished bedding

Divider curtain in the bathroom area for privacy…

disney pop century resort refurbished bathroom curtain

Flat Screen TV…

Disney pop century resort refurbished flat screen tv

Plush new hidden Mickey carpet…

Disney pop century resort refurbished carpet

Recovered chairs in the sitting area…

Disney pop century resort refurbished chair

I have to say that I still think this is one of the noisiest resorts on Disney property. The walls are paper thin. If you are trying to decide on a value resort, my suggestion is to go with All Star Sports or All Star Music. These resorts were built prior to All Star Movies and POP Century and I think that the construction is a bit more sound proof…IMHO.

  • TheAngelForever

    Love the new carpet and divider curtain as well.

    It's funny how some people think that Pop Century is really loud. I guess we have just been really lucky on our two visits. We love the themes at this resort and vegetarian friendly options at the food court (not that we eat there much). Amanda, have they refurbished the All Stars yet? I know we picked Pop in May 2009 because we were told All Star Movies was in need of a lot of work. Glad to see them putting time and money into the Value Resorts.

  • debbiehudson

    Seriously? You girls thought Pop was noisy? We always stay there, and I've never noticed that. Of course, I am pretty noisy myself, so maybe that's the problem. 😉

  • Jen in GA

    i can't wait–we go Dec 1-6 and I was hoping to get the back of the 50's bldg near the lake! Thanks for the pics Amanda!

  • E_r_Nava

    We just got back from POP a little over a week ago, didn't find it noisy at all. Stayed in the same buildings pictured above.

  • and let us not for get the awesomeness that is the Twinkie Tiramisu NOM!

  • No…you're just so slap wore out that you go into a sleep coma never to be disturbed by all the ruckus throughout the night. lol

  • No problemo…Hope your vacay is AMAZING!

  • I'm wondering if I stayed on the top floor if it would help

  • TheAngelForever

    Have to admit, I have never tried that. Too much in love with their Tie-Dye Cheesecake.

  • Jen in GA

    TY! :)

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