Mickey Mouse Head Light Bulb

via Yanko Design

mickey_mouse_head lightbulb




mickey mouse lightbulbs

  • Anonymous

    Thank you SO much for sharing this. Hope to see them available one day to use within the house.

  • Mhutsell3

    Ok so where can we get these?

  • These are so awesome..where can you pick one of these up?

  • PansTinkerBell

    I’m with Mhutsell3, Where can we get these!!!

  • Arctrixie

    I want some, too!!

  • Redbulit1

    I am with everyone else!! We’re can we get them :)

  • Ro

    Need.  Want.

  • Luckaa96

    I want it … How can I get it?

  • Mickeyrulz

    Where you get these light bulbs from?

  • Jlallee3

    Have they actually put these into production or are they still a “concept” bulb due to licensing issues between the designer and Disney?  I totally NEED these, my entire kitchen is designed around Mickey Mouse, I actually remodeled it and chose all the colors to fit Mickey Mouse – the recessed lighting would be amazing if I could get my hands on some of these!

  • Harding5

     my kitchen is all mickey too!! I have 3 lights over the island that need these bulbs!!!

  • Steven Henao

    anyone tell me where you can buy online

  • Ilene Bezerman

    I need these Now ! I need them in gray for my kitchen and hallway ! Are they available ? My entire home is Mickey Mouse . When can I purchase these ? I need them yesterday ! Anxiously awaiting a response . Thanks !

  • Ilene Bezerman

    Has anyone gotten a response ?