I’m Giving Away Two Disney 1-Day Park Hoppers Complements of 67 Days of Smiles!

Picture This!….

You and your best friend just got handed two round-trip plane tickets to Orlando, Florida with return tickets dated for 67 days later!!!! Along with those tickets comes a digital camera, video camera, and cell phones. You are told that when you arrive in Orlando you will be given a rental car and a fully furnished two-bedroom condo in downtown Orlando with a view of Lake Eola! And your mission for those 67 days is to visit all of Orlando’s most popular attractions! $25,000 is magically transferred into your bank account to cover your bills back at home. Oh and by the way…all of this is swag is FREE!!!!

67DaysofSmilesNot possible you say…Well this precise scenario is happening right now to Kyle Post and Stacey Doornbos. Kyle and Stacey beat out hundreds of applicants from more than a dozen countries for the coveted “Smile Ambassador” positions created by the Orlando/Orange County Convention & Visitors Bureau.  These two are experiencing 67 Days of Smiles as we speak!

As a Disney fanatic…I can only dream of having some of the Walt Disney World experiences that Kyle and Stacey have had, let alone to be able to share these experiences with my best friend.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to OPEN the Magic Kingdom???  Kyle and Stacey got to do just that on Day 27 of their 67 Days of Smiles!

How would you like private access to Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon? I mean REALLY private…like only 10 people in the entire park and you get a private surf lesson from Professional Surfers from Cocoa Beach Surf School???  Yep! They did it….Day 9!!!

After Surfing at Typhoon Lagoon, this lucky duo got to shop for some surf apparel at Downtown Disney’s Curl and fill their belly’s up at Planet Hollywood like the RockStars they are!!!!

And as if that wasn’t enough Disney goodness…the two of them were able to sit down and shoot the breeze with Celebrity Chef Cat Cora at the opening of her brand new Boardwalk Resort restaurant Kouzzina!!!  Yep…like they owned the place!

Day 22…Watch as Kyle dominates American Idol at Disney’s Hollywood Studios!!!

Day 34 provided them an exquisite dining experience at Fulton’s Crab House in Downtown Disney Followed up by a whirlwind experience at Cirque du Soleil’s La Nouba, which is fitting…because La Nouba translates to “The Party”… and every day is a party when you’re Orlando’s Smile Ambassadors!


Here’s Kyle and Stacey’s Slideshow from the Epcot Food and Wine Festival…

Ever gone 145 mph in a car… without getting pulled over?  I have!!! Here’s the picture to prove it!  And if you want to hear the story about how I got to do it for FREE…read THIS!
Amanda and Alexus Tinney

Amanda and Alexus Tinney

Here’s Kyle and Stacey’s take on it on Day 45….

Kyle and Stacey have two more days planned to visit the Walt Disney World Resort.  Because I love you all so much and because I love giving stuff away, I negotiated some FREE Disney Swag exclusively for DisneyEveryDay.com viewers complements of 67 Days of Smiles and the Orlando/Orange County Convention and Visitors Bureau!  And I also set up an exclusive interview with the 67 Days of Smiles Stars in which I will be asking questions submitted by YOU! You’re now the paparazzi! What do you want me to ask them…what questions would you like answered???  It can be absolutely anything!  Inspiration available at Kyle and Stacey’s Blog…I will be taking questions through the 19th of October. All you need to do is pose your question in the comments section below this post! When the interview airs, we will randomly select a winner from all of the Questions submitted and that lucky fan will be awarded the Two Disney 1-Day Park Hopper Tickets!

Oh…I forgot to mention…as an added bonus, if you are selected as the winner and you are a friend of mine on Facebook as well as a Member of Kyle and Stacey’s Facebook Fan Page…I will throw in an additional $25 Disney Gift Card.

And if that wasn’t sweet enough…if you are selected as the winner and are on Twitter and are following both@67Days as well as @amandatinney and you Tweet the following two posts…I will throw in an additional $25 Disney Gift Card on top of the other two prizes!!!  Here’s what you need to tweet to be eligible for the third prize…Just copy and paste each Tweet exactly as is.

@amandatinney says PLEASE have Kyle & Stacey from @67Days on @TheEllenShow (Please Re-Tweet!)

I just entered to win 2 Disney 1-Day Park Hopper Tickets & a $25 Disney Gift Card from @amandatinney at www.DisneyEveryDay.com

Kyle and Stacey have really been trying to get on the Ellen Show so if you’re feeling generous, feel free to tweet the Ellen post as many times as you’d like! ;o)

That’s it!!!

Until Next Time,

P.S. If you would like to read more about Kyle and Stacey’s non-Disney, Orlando adventures check out there blog at 67 Days of Smiles!

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  • Barb Squires

    Did you spend any time during the 67 days just resting? And if so, what was your most favorite restful place?

  • B K

    I want to work at Disney World. Has spending all this time in Florida and at Disney make you want to work there too?

  • I’m so jealous. Of everything you got to do, what is the one big ticket item that you would be willing to spend your own money on?

  • How do you think the 67 Days of Smiles will change your life when you go back home to the real world at the end of the 67 days?

  • Michael Dorn

    How do you think you will feel once you are home and decompress?

  • Craig Cormier

    We all know about Sea World, Disney and Universal. What’s been your favorite attraction outside the big three?

  • Sue

    What is the one thing you will remember most when you get home?

  • Abby

    If you could only return to one of the places you’ve been, compliments of 67 Days of Smiles, which place would it be and why?

  • Did you happen to meet any Disney Cast Members that went out of their way to make your trip even more special than it already was?

  • Tammy Ofsanik

    Lots of people are asking about what your favorite things were. We hope to take our kids to Orlando in early 2010. I have not been there since I was around age 20 (now 41) and I am not worried about finding fun things to do. In fact I know many things will be left untouched, unfortunately! I would rather ask : If you made a list of every thing that you did, every place you went, and listed them from favorite to least favorite, what would be at the bottom (least favorite) of the list?

  • Chris A

    Congratulations on being chosen for this great adventure!! Was there anything that you did or saw during your 67 days that you think will change your outlook on your future and if so, what was it?

  • elaine

    I Retweeted, would love to win. Would love to see the Christmas Decorations.
    Love the Blog I am a huge Disney Fan

  • What was your favorite experience?

  • I know the two of you have had a wonderful time doing all there is in Orlando but which place, activity or thing will be the most memorable.And will bring to back to Orlando time and time again.

  • I love the Dining experience(as well as everything else about Disney!), what was your favorite restaurant and why?

  • Joel Logsdon

    What was your first reaction when you won?

  • I have bunches!

    What are your plans for afterwards?

    What was your favorite day of all days? What made you smile the biggest?

    Or, if that was too hard, what is the Top 5? in adventure, dining,
    rides…you get the picture. 😉

    Would you do it all over again?

  • George

    How scary is the Richard Petty Experience?

  • erica

    Since you have traveled all around Florida, where do you think is the best, cleanest, friendliest place for a young family relocating to the state to live?

  • Crystal

    After the vacation is all over… do you suddenly feel like you need another vacation from your vacation?

  • Theresa

    Did you buy any souvenirs? If so, which is your favorite?

  • Melissa

    Living in Florida and spending lots of time in Orlando leaves me always trying to find something new…Please share your most unique, different or unknown adventure in Orlando with us – something that people may not have heard about, but is a “must do” experience. (My favorite in Discovery Cove – Don’t miss it while staying in the area!)

  • Maria

    What is the one attraction/place/experience that you would bring your friends and family to see them experience it for themselves?

  • Jen

    Do you think you will ever want to go back again, or did you have enough fun to last a lifetime? 😉

  • Jane

    What do they have planned for you on your final day??

  • Now that you’ve spent lots of time there and seen everything, are you wishing you could stay or are you ready to go home?

  • I absolutely love Disney. We go every year. We enjoy eating at the resturants. What was a reasonably priced resturant, off of the beaten path?

  • what was the best meal you had during your experience?

  • Kathleen

    If you were going to take teens to a dinner experience (character dinner, theater, ect), 19, 18, and 16, where should you take them and get the most for your money? Remember, teens are hormonal and too cool for fun with their parents.

  • Kathleen

    Next question-Our family barely survived 7 days of non-stop fun. Just when do you think you will go to a theme park on your own next, i.e. you actually pay for it yourself and go for the fun of it? or, what day would be a tolerable limit for a normal family trip with older kids?

  • Kathleen

    Final question…is Yellowstone sounding good?

  • lauri mccown

    sounds exhausting! Any days off to relax and do your laundry?

  • Tammy

    Would you like to do this again but at all the other Disney parks across the planet?? It would be great to hear your thoughts on all the various differences they have while still keeping to the Disney traditions.

  • I want to know what Disney plans on arriving at what goals by the end of 2010 for their new Give a Day, Get a Day promotion for a park ticket in exchange for a day of charitable work.

    I’m so excited to start this next year!

  • Ellen

    When you return home and people were to ask you, “What are the top three things that will stick with you from your trip? What would you say?

  • Barb Stewart

    What was your favorite restaurant and why? Would you have liked to have gone through your 67 days at a different time of the year? Did you get time to notice any neat details during your 67 days in the parks?

  • Suzanne M

    Quite simply…. What’s next?

  • Tracy

    What was the worst part of this experience. I’m sure there are a ton of wonderful times, but what do you wish you could go back and not do again?

  • Ed Ramirez

    Of all the rides and attractions at WDW, which is the most appealing to kids and which is the most appealing to adults?

  • What is the one thing that has most surprised you about your time in Orlando?

  • SisterMary

    Did you change your fitness routine prior to going to get yourself/your body ready for this?

  • What was your favorite resort?? Did you visit all of them??

  • Beth

    Having fun?

  • Mary

    You two look like you’re having the time of your life! Disney is fun for all ages, and you’ve proved that. I haven’t been to the park since my son was 8 in 1985, I live in Orlando now and would love to join you.

  • Wow! Congrats on a once-in-a-lifetime experience!! I couldn’t imagine how you’ll be able to go back to the real world after 67 days of awesomeness!! What’s your plan for resuming your normal life again? Can you? Or will it take awhile to get over the post-67 Days of Smiles blues? also how were you able to get away for 67 days? Tell the story behind all the preparations it took before the trip started.

  • Jennifer

    I haven’t been to Disney World in 8 years. What are the must-see attractions?

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