First Look at Disney Licensed “Marvel Adventure” Theme Park

Add Dubai to your list of vacation destinations for 2013.  Disney has licensed its Marvel characters for use in a brand new indoor family attraction center covering 350,000 square feet. Ground has already been broken on the “Marvel Adventure” theme park in the City of Arabia. The concept artwork is AMAZING!

Disney Marvel Adventure Theme Park

Disney Marvel Adventure Theme Park Map

Disney Marvel Adventure Theme Park Photo

Disney Marvel Adventure Theme Park Rides

Disney Marvel Adventure Theme Park Show

Disney Marvel Adventure Theme Park stage Show


  • Imagineer2017

    I’m calling shenanigans. Take a close look at that first piece or art. Spongebob is in it. Why?

  • Imagineer2017

    Ah. Nevermind. It would appear a Nickelodeon area is planned to go in there. Strange, and also questionable.

  • AndyG

    Your statement that “Disney has licensed its Marvel characters” is inaccurate. This project was announced in 2007. Disney acquired Marvel and its properties in 2009. 

  • The project was proposed in 2007 and then put on hold when the economy tanked.  You are correct, Disney acquired MARVEL in 2009, and as such Disney holds the license for MARVEL and so Disney will be the one licensing the characters to the project. As the LA Times reports…”Disney, for its part, is taking an arms-length approach to the project.
    The corporate parent of Marvel has gone to great lengths to make clear
    that the Dubai project is strictly a licensing agreement not involving
    Disney theme parks or Walt Disney Imagineering, the creative arm of the

    The project is most definitely “Disney licensed”.