Experience Disney’s Sum of All Thrills With Us at EPCOT

Sum of All ThrillsI figured that some of you might be wondering about Epcot’s newest attraction in Innoventions the “Sum of All Thrills”. So…I packed up a few of my friends and headed over there to ride and film it for you. Simulators and I don’t usually get along. Does anyone else feel the same? So I was a little apprehensive, as you can see in the video. But for anyone else out there that has an aversion to (as it has been dubbed) the virtual Space Mountain…you might want to reconsider. You can choose to build your roller coaster to “chicken status” as we did.

See for yourself and come along for the ride as we experience Epcot’s Sum of All Thrills!!!!

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  • Wow… I hope that thing never malfunctions. But it actually looks tamer than Virtual Space Mountain.

  • Armand Usagi

    The KUKA RoboSim 4-D Simulator creates a 4-dimensional experience through 3-D robotic motion and “wind”, by controlling air movements to stimulate the senses providing a more realistic simulation experience involving high speeds, quick direction changes and different climates for a unique sensation. The appeal of the 2-seat simulator is that it does not fully enclose the rider, but allows the rider’s legs and feet to be suspended. The spherical carbon-fiber hood, which is integrated as part of the unique KUKA RoboCoaster ride system, immerses the rider into a true sensory experience by using high definition video combined with stereo sound and controlled air motion. “The KUKA RoboCoaster programmable robotic ride system utilizes 6 axes and 6 degrees of total directional freedom with synchronized “under the hood” entertainment provides a thrilling experience like no other.” commented Stu Shepherd.

  • TikiTommy1960

    NO THANK YOU ! looks like you could get the same feeling if someone put you in a giant cocktail shaker and gave you a whril, not my cup of tea. Looks fun for those types like my wife though. Inoventions here in Disneyland sucks! Its housed in the original home of Carousel of Progress. Great revolving building but nothing inside worth a second look. Was hoping to see your in flight and post flight comments though. Maybe comming soon ? Take one for the fams Amanda

  • Tommy…you hit the nail on the head.

    I wanted to bring the camera to film the actual ride itself but your head and shoulders are locked inside the mechanism and your hands and arms are outside. Too bad I don’t own one of those head cams that straps onto your noggin.

    Once I was strapped in I felt claustrophobic as heck and the first thing I said once I was “released” was….”I don’t think I’ll ever do that again!”

    On the upside…it’s only 90 seconds. So knowing that it was going to end soon made me relax more and try to enjoy the ride.

  • By the way, I did not actually ride Virtual Space Mountain at DisneyQuest. It made me dizzy enough to watch the simulator rotating with my sons in it! Ever since I had a bad experience with Astro Orbiter a couple of years ago I’ve been avoiding rides that have a reputation for causing Motion Sickness. I’m still okay on Expedition Everest, Space Mountain, and most roller coasters. I wore motion-sickness wristbands to ride the TAME version of Mission Space. The wristbands must have worked because as soon as I took them off outside of the ride, I began to feel ill. Then I put them back on and felt fine in seconds.

  • MintMickey…I swear by the wristbands with the little plastic nodes on them.

    I get major motion sickness. I never used to, but after having my daughter, my body chemistry must have changed because now I do. Every time I fly or drive on winding roads I wear the bands and they help so much.

    I can’t even ride in the backseat of a car…that’s how severe it is for me.

  • Wow, I’ll have to remember to not to let my brother design my ride for me 😉 He’s a big coaster fanatic and would love that! Me on the other hand…well, I’ll try it at least once :)

  • Steph…I was luck and had another “coaster” chicken as my partner on this ride or I may not have ridden at all. :o)

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