Epic October 2010 Sponsored Tweets TweetUp Raises $250 for Give Kids the World

Sponsored Tweets Tweet UpWho knew that an enthusiastic group of Disneyphiles on Twitter could get together for an #EpicOctober2010 Halloween 5K Marathon and raise $250 for charity? Well, an Orlando based company called IZEA did. And thanks to Sponsored Tweets, our donation to Give Kids the World will help send a child with a life-threatening illness to the Happiest Place on Earth!

How did this happen you ask? Easy…I caught wind that Ted Murphy, founder and CEO of IZEA, was doing something called a Sponsored TweetUp! The concept is easy YOU supply the people, tweets, photos and fun and THEY supply some cash for drinks or food. Only this time, we paid for our own food and drinks and donated the $250 to Give Kids the World! It was a win/win for everyone involved. THANK YOU IZEA!!!

Give Kids the World