Disney Mickey and Minnie Mouse Soul Mate T Shirts

Official or Unofficial…these couple T-Shirts are a “thumbs up” in my book!

Disney Mickey and Minnie Mouse Soul Mate T Shirts

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  • guest

    do you sell these? or know where online i could purchase them?

  • KG

    http://freshracksclothing.mybigcommerce.com/soulmate-baseball-tees-black-sold-in-pair/ <– this website has them for sale. $40 bucks for the pair :)

  •  http://freshracksclothing.mybigcommerce.com/soulmate-baseball-tees-black-sold-in-pair/ Thanks to reader KG for the link

  • Clarissargarcia

     40 bucks? magkano s php money

  • Where Can I Get These Shirts??:)

  • Babe259

    Just wanted to inform you that if you choose to buy this product from freshracksclothing that you will need to call him multiple times in order to get your product. I waited over a month and when I called and yelled at him he finally sent them out. And then he gives me the wrong size for one of them.

  • Thumbs down isince this idea was stolen from my gf

  • Whitley

    How did you get ahold of him I’ve been trying to call and email and I have gotten no response!! I need my shirts by this Thursday!!

  • aeron

    magkano po ganyan??

  • Bre

    DO NOT ORDER DIRECTLY FROM FRESH RACKS!!!!! I wanted to exchange for a smaller size because the shirts are HUGE and he didn’t email me back. I commented on his IG pics and instead of replying to both my comments and emails, HE DELETES THEM. Do not order from here. The service is terrible. Worst experience I’ve had by far.

  • Daniel

    DO NOT try to order these shirts from freshracksclothing.com . I ordered these shirts almost a month ago, I needed these shirts before a disney trip to propose to my girlfriend, it is now too late. I called and emailed several times. There has been no communication whatsoever. The total lack of customer service is unacceptable and really disappointing.

  • emmalyy

    Have you ever gotten your order yet or get a hold of him yet? Its been over a month and I am being impatient now.

  • Whitley

    Yes finally! After I emailed called he finally sent them express and I got them the day before my trip!! This Whitley but I don’t remember my sign in stuff lol

  • Zstar21

    Where can I get them in red?

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