Disney MGM Studios Throwback Photo Sans Sorcerer’s Hat

The Great Movie RidePhoto via Stephen Janko on Flickr

Found this photo on Flickr and just had to share it.  This is The Great Movie Ride in Disney’s MGM Studios (now Disney’s Hollywood Studios) circa 1990.  As a former MGM Studios employee (vacation planner from 99-00) it pains me to see the Sorcerer’s Hat at the end of Hollywood Blvd.  This shot of the Chinese Theater in it’s original glory meshes so much better with the theming of this area of the park than the big hat.  I wasn’t a fan of the Spaceship Earth wand either. Despite rumors that “the Hat” will be going anywhere anytime soon, I think it is unfortunately here to stay. Oh well…at least I have my memories….and this photo. *sigh*


  • Agreed. I definitely could do w/out the hat.

  • Love this photo!

  • BSBishop

    The hat would be OK if it were just outside the gates at Hollywood Studios. Right where they put the Christmas Tree up. It’s a pin-station, after all.