Disney Launches Newest Plush Sensation Pook-A-Looz

Pook-A-Looz DisneyMore than 30 Popular Disney Characters Get a Sassy New Look with a New Line of Plush, Apparel and Accessories.

True to its tagline, “Too cute for their own good,” Pook-A-Looz – the new line of plush, apparel and accessories is remarkably unique and unquestionably cute.  Inspired by the urban vinyl toy culture, Pook-A-Looz were designed to capture the personalities of iconic Disney Characters in an edgy, offbeat way.  Sassy and fun, the new line of plush features more than 30 wide-ranging characters from Buzz Lightyear and Cheshire Cat to Muppets and Jack Skellington.  Pook-A-Looz are available now at Toys “R” Us, The Disney Store, DisneyStore.com, Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World stores.

Pook-A-Looz CheshireThe unique interpretations of these classic characters were inspired by the urban vinyl toy culture, which began in Asia a decade ago and features uniquely original and highly collectible designs.

“We focused on capturing one key element, gesture or trait of each character during the design process.  We wanted the look to be very unique, quirky and cool,” said Jose Zamora, lead designer.  “When you think of the Queen of Hearts, you think of her mouth, so we brought that out in the design.  With the Cheshire Cat, you think of the teeth.  So we focused on that famous grin.”

Ranging from $7.99 to $12.99 for plush and accessories, Pook-A-Looz have a strong collectible appeal. Disney Consumer Products gave Disney fans an exclusive sneak peek of the Pook-A-Looz collection at D23 Expo last September generating fan frenzy.  Fans will be welcomed into the world of Pook-A-Looz through a series of “Pook-a-Sode” videos on the Disney Living YouTube channel, beginning this week with Pook-A-Looz Mickey is the ‘Gentleman Caller’” and over the next several months. The Disney Living Facebook fan page and @disneyliving Twitter feed will also offer additional content and forums for fans to win prizes, share content and connect.

So what do you think of Disney’s newest merchandise concept Pook-A-Looz?

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  • TheAngelForever

    They are definitely interesting and no doubt kids of all ages will like them. Do you know if they are machine washable. That is something that I wish Disney would have more of, especially for little kids. Thanks for sharing the latest news from Disney :)

  • These are just too cute! I'm thinking we will soon be the proud owners of a Mickey & Minnie and a Skellington & the Cheshire Cat!! :) Thanks for sharing these! Great photos! :)

  • Good question B…will have to look on a tag when I spot one in a store next time I'm at the parks

  • Welcome Jackie…Love Jack and Cheshire too.

  • Saw the Alice and Mad Hatter Pook-A-Looz in a Wonderland-inspired room on “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” last night! They are quite cute! My kids will love these.

  • TheAngelForever

    Thanks so much :)

  • Laura

    I love that they featured some of the characters that are not seen often in plush! I'm planning on getting my son a Pinocchio next time we're at Disneyland.

  • These are really cute. Love Cheshire!

  • They've made it mainstream already…lol

  • Yes…true statement…you don't see much in the way of Pinocchio merchandise these days do you?

  • Cheshire is a rock star…just sayin.

  • Laura

    My son got Buzz Lightyear at Disneyland last night. There are no specific cleaning instructions on the tag, but it is poly fill and what feels like some sort of fleece, so my guess is these are 100% washable. :)

  • Laura

    Sadly not. :( We were at Disneyland yesterday for my son's birthday and no one had an ETA on the release of the Pinocchio Pook-a-looz. They were not in the parks or DTD, and CM's didn't seem to know much about them other than what was in stock at the time. We are going to be keeping our eyes peeled though. :) The ones available in the park are the same that are available online through DisneyStore.com.

  • YaY Laura…Thanks for the update =) Plan on getting a Woody to go with that Buzz?

  • Laura

    Probably. :) I actually really love the style of them as well, so I can definitely see us starting a little collection between my son and I.

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