Disney Eye Candy So Beautiful It Will Take Your Breath Away

Scott BaxterDisney Friends…Meet Scott Baxter!  Scott is a husband, father, and Disney Fanatic!  His day job has him doing graphic design in the Physics Department at FSU but it’s his hobby that has me fascinated!

You see… Scott is an AMAZING photographer!  And his subject matter is something very near and dear to all of our hearts. Walt Disney World!  I first met Scott on Twitter, where he goes by the handle PixieDustPix.  I was browsing my Twitter Stream and came upon a post with a link…curiosity got the best of me and I clicked through to discover one of the most breathtaking images I had ever seen!  After I had finished picking my jaw off the floor I headed over to his website Pixie Dust Pictures and poured through the most fantastic eye candy I had ever seen!  Words could never describe the beauty that is contained within Pixie Dust Pictures.  Take a look for yourself…




Breathtaking aren’t they?  I got a chance to talk with Scott on the phone the other day and had to ask him what his secret was.  How do these images look so magnificent.  His explanation was that they were HDR Images or High Dynamic Range.  Wikipedia defines HDR Imaging as “…a set of techniques that allow a greater dynamic range of luminances between the lightest and darkest areas of an image than standard digital imaging techniques or photographic methods. This wider dynamic range allows HDR images to represent more accurately the wide range of intensity levels found in real scenes ranging from direct sunlight to faint starlight.”

Scott explained that for each individual photo, he has to take a series of exposures and then marry them together with imaging software.  On average, it takes him nine exposures of a single subject to make one finished product.  Night shots are a bit trickier, but the outcome is pure Disney Artistry…



I asked Scott if he had any formal training in photography and he said that he had learned his trade through a friend who took commercial photography classes back in the early 90’s.  He fine tuned that “real world” education as the Managing Editor of a small newspaper and it led him to his the expert craftsmanship he exhibits today.

Scott shoots his images with a Nikon D300.  His business, Pixie Dust Pictures, was borne from his love of Disney. It started as a hobby really and then grew from there.  I asked Scott what his favorite thing was to shoot at Disney and he told me it was Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and The Haunted Mansion.


Its hard to describe…but his photos just seem to make “The World” seem more MAGICAL!


Believe it or not…you can bring these Disney masterpieces into your home for very reasonable prices.  Scott has made the prints available on his website www.Pixie-Dust-Pictures.com.  Head on over there. Browse the “Walt Disney World Photography” Gallery.  Click the print that you want, hover your mouse pointer over the image and then “Add to Cart”.  It’s as easy as that.  Prints start as low as $3.00! They can be ordered in almost any size and can be purchased in any form (puzzles, magnets, keychains, greeting cards, standout displays, mousepads, Luggage Tags, etc.)  Imagine the Disney Lover close to you unwrapping one of these during the holidays!  Buy one for yourself, wrap it up and put it under the tree and mark it as “From Santa”…they’ll never know! :o)


Guess what?  Scott has decided to give two LUCKY DisneyEveryDay.com readers a shot at receiving a Picture Pack Trio of his 5″x7″ Disney Masterpieces!!!  All you need to do is leave a comment below and on November 21st I will randomly draw two people to receive this awesome prize!  The winners will be announced in the Disney Every Day Newsletter so make sure that you’re signed up!

If you could commission Scott to do a photo for you anywhere on Disney Property, what would you have him create an HDR Image of?  Let him know in the Comments Section below and remember that your comment will enter you into the drawing for the Picture Pack Trio.  GOOD LUCK!!!!

  • Tina

    These are magnificent! Let’s see….I’d love one of Tower of Terror! It’s my fave!

  • For me it would have to be Cinderella Castle!

  • Eileen

    Those pictures are truly amazing! Breathtaking is right!
    I’d like to have a photo done of Hubby & me on the Boardwalk at night. It’s our favorite evening spot to wander & enjoy.

  • I love that moment when you walk through the Epcot gates and Spaceship Earth looms up ahead of you. So Spaceship Earth would be my pick!

  • Thanks again to all for the glowing comments!

    An important announcement — I have decided that I will allow the winners of the free 5×7 prints to CHOOSE the three images they want from any of those available on my site.

    Many of the subjects requested in the comments are available through the site. Spaceship Earth (both with and without the wand), Tower of Terror, the Partners statue, Wishes over the castle, a look down Main Street with the castle in the distance, Expedition Everest, the Haunted Mansion (day and night), Mission Space … and numerous photos featuring Cinderella Castle at both day and night are all there. Take a look — just click my name in red at the top of this comment. In the last 24 hours, I’ve added NINE new shots of Wishes (actually HalloWishes, but you get the idea). I add new images fairly often.

    And remember — they make perfect Christmas gifts for any Disney fanatic! 😉


  • Melissa

    Beautiful pictures! There are so many little details that Disney puts into everything they do and we need to stop and appreciate this and capture it just like Scott has done.

    As new DVC members, I would LOVE a picture of our home resort, the Boardwalk to hang in my living room.

  • Jenn

    Amazing! I have never seen Disney glitter with so much Pixie Dust. I would be hard pressed to decide on a favorite – Have you considered doing a “coffee table” book?

  • These are really amazing photos! One picture that I would love would be of illuminations reflections of earth.

  • Glenn

    Fantastic! Scott captures the essence and the magic that is Walt Disney World!

  • Brian Page

    Wow, I never thought I’d see Scott’s photography in an article like this. He’s my brother-in-law, actually. ^_^

    Oh, and there’s no need to enter me into the drawing. I do like some Disney stuff, but I’m not really a huge fan, so I’ll let other people have that chance.

  • Just wanted to say that I'm having a Cyber Monday sale RIGHT NOW (November 30) until midnight tonight! You can save 30 percent on your entire order (not including shipping) if you use the code “cyber” without quotes at check out! http://pixie-dust-pictures.com/disney

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  • Amy From Kentucky

    Scott has a great talent for photography. I have often admired his photos but haven't been able to purchase any yet (money's tight right now). I want to though! I would love to have a huge print framed somewhere in my house. They just take me back.

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  • Tay102600

    I imagine the contest is over but thought I'd share anyway. Funny coincidence, my girlfriend and i was just talking about my dream guy last night and of course my response is someone who shares my same passion fir Disney. In jest she described a nerdy hermit….I will make her eat her words with the pic of you AND your camera shots lol.

    It would be awesome to capture that moment you first enter the park under the bridge, and see Cindy's castle in the distant. Standing in that tunnel was my affirmation that I was indeed about to enter another world the first time I went there.

  • Scott Baxter

    That IS an awesome moment — and veeeeeeery difficult to capture in the type of photography I do. But I agree; that's the moment when I take a deep breath and think “Ah! I'm home!”

    The contest IS over — but I lost contact information for the one winner who contacted me before I could ever get her photos to her, though I do still have enough to verify her identity. If she wants to contact me now, I'll still get her images to her. The other winner never responded to e-mails …

    For everyone else, there is some news. I am about to have my images showcased in a retail store in Pensacola, Florida. Rob's Camera on 9th Avenue includes a mini-gallery, and some of my photos will be on display there VERY soon, if all goes well. For complicated reasons, this also means that the prices on my web site will soon go up significantly — within the next five to seven days. NOW is the time to beat that price increase! Go to http://pixie-dust-pictures.com to get a great deal now, before they're gone forever!

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