Disney Avatar Themed Land at Animal Kingdom – Yay or Nay

Avatar Disney Animal Kingdom

So the Disney Parks Blog broke news today that Imagineers have finally come up with an answer to the afterthought of a “Beastly Kingdom” in Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park.  (Thanks Charles) You know…the dragon that is represented on the Animal Kingdom Logo…

I have yet to see “Avatar” but apparently I will have to add it to my “must rent” list of films since we will soon have an entire land in the Animal Kingdom Theme Park devoted to it.

What do you think of this new announcement?

  • Disneymommy

    A big NAY.

  • GrumpysPixie

    YAY from  me!! 

  • Twotoohappy


  • WDWParkhoppers

    There is not a font large enough for the NAY…sorry, I like to keep my Avatar and Disney SEPERATE!

  • Big Ole Nay over here!  I was not a big fan of this movie and I’m not looking forward to it being in Animal Kingdom.  I don’t understand how it fits in.

  • nay nay!

  • Nay!

  • I’m torn on this one – part of me thinks that they could do some really cool stuff with this because visually the movie looked beautiful, but at the same time I don’t entirely see the “fit” either.  Plus, I’d always rather see WDI craft something unique and original (like Everest) than build off of a franchise.  Trying to stay positive, but also hoping that this doesn’t end up looking more Universal than Disney when they’re done!

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