Create Your Own Mickey Mouse Ear Hat at Downtown Disney

Create Your Own Mickey Mouse Ear Hat at Downtown Disney

At the Downtown Disney Marketplace, nestled right between The Art of Disney and Disney’s Design-a-Tee Shop you will find a small area dedicated solely to the iconic Mickey Ear Hat.  You can purchase a variety of pre-designed Mouse Ears here, but I was captivated by the “Create Your Own” Ear Hat station.  Sure…personalization is “HOT” right now but if you are looking for a souvenir to take home to that special someone who is hard to buy for, this may just be the shopping destination for you.

The concept is pretty simple really…

Step 1: Select Your Hat Base

Disney Mickey Ears Hat Base

There are several options available from basic black to pink and furry…

Mouse Ear hat bases

Mouse Ear Bases

Step 2: Select Your Ears

Select Your Mouse Ear Ears

Mouse Ear Ears

More Mouse Ear Ears

Step 3: Select Your Patches and Stick Them on Your Hat

Mouse Ear Patches

There are lots and lots of different patches available for personalization…

Mickey Mouse Patches

Mouse Ear Patches

Far Out Mickey Patches

Minnie Mouse Patches

Buzz and Pluto Patches

Tinker Bell Patch

Princess Patches

Donald Duck Patch

Chip and Dale patch

Muppets Patches

Step 4: Take to a Cast Member to Have Your Patches Attached and Your Name Embroidered

Embroidered Mouse Ear Hat

…and voila…your personalized mouse ear creation is complete!

Create Your Own Mickey Mouse Ears

If you could create a pair of mouse ears…what would they look like?

  • Jo

    I would make ones that looked like my Vinylmations and one that had ears like the Test Track signs…

  • I still prefer the good old fashioned Mickey ears. It's fun to make your own style but I couldn't see myself strolling down main street usa in anything else.

  • I must confess that I'm more of an ear fan! I had some gorgeous Minnie Ears from Disneyland Paris a few years back, they were big, solid plastic ears on an Alice band – I miss the way they used to make 'em. The small furry ears are too small…

  • They came out with some killer Haunted Mansion Ears this year. Pin striped teal with teal ears that were imprinted with bats. There was a metal bat stanchion on the front with metal chains that came from the bats ears and pierced the ears and hung like the queue line there. The hitchhiking ghosts were on the back.

  • Is that your hat of choice while in the Magic Kingdom?

  • Test track ears would be cool. Yellow with the target for ears =) I likey!

  • Fun!! I can't wait to see what they have for Halloween!

  • TheAngelForever

    Wow! Last year I saw this starting up and was intrigued by it (too much for little kids starting out). I do not recall so many cool options. As a huge fan of Miss Piggy that is calling my name for next trip to Disney World.

  • Donald has always been my fav, but I didn't see anything Donald listed above. I see several Minnie combinations that would be cute.

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  • I have a very old Epcot Center patch. I wonder if I made myself a hat if they would sew it on for me. Hmmm….

  • There's a donald duck patch in the 16th picture down. Might look cool on the black base with the multi colored fireworks ears since he's such a saucy character

  • Courtneypinion

    How did I miss this last Year!

  • Kimma

    I love the new hats, i am totally an ear girl! i have the golden ears,pink minnie ones from when i went to disney the very frist time,and graduation ears. I also love being DIFFERNT so customizing would be my DREAM! i'll just have to make my friend like time me so i dont spend all day deciding…or have him make me look…decide while going through the park and come back lol

  • Kimma

    wouldnt hurt to ask!

  • I wish my head was smaller so I could wear em….

  • Missanniecoop

    I wish I could do this now online! Awesome! I used to have to order ears from Disneyland when my first Granddaughter was born. I can't wait for a trip to Disney as I'm expecting Princess #6 in Nov. That will make six grandgirls for me!

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  • I would love to see infant Mickey Ears! Congrats to you!!!

  • Shopping Aunt

    Question from a Disney novice: any idea if this shop accepts Disney gift cards? I'm trying to decide whether to give some kids on there way there Disney gift cards or not.

  • I don't see why they wouldn't. The store is owned and operated by Walt Disney World

  • I can't wait till may so I can get a pair with my blog name on them! ha. I wish they had a big minnie mouse bow to go on them like the minnie hats!

  • I never thought about that but it's a great idea!

  • Jocelyne10cabrera

    do they have this at disneyland?

  • I don’t know

  • WDW Girl

    This is now gone. I don’t know why, I loved it. All they have there now is pre-made hats and you can get your name embroidered. But its the cheaper stitch like embroidery. If you want better embroidery go over to the Christmas store.

  • thanks for the update WDW Girl =)

  • Melissa

    omg! im gonna cry….i am taking my nieces and nephews (or i wanted to take) them here because my kids LOVED IT!!

  • LittleGirlBigImagination

    Really? To my understanding, its still there. I made my hat there 2 years ago, and I went back less then a year ago, and it was still there…I didn’t go to Downtown Disney though, I’ve always made mine in Magic Kingdom. Its right near the front entrance.

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  • gladys

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  • Drake Drizzy Lee Malone

    is there anyway for me to get a certificate/gift card/ voucher for this as a gift for someone else?

  • Abby C

    Is this available in Disney Paris too or is it just Florida? I was hoping to go for a birthday weekend with friends, and we wanted to get ears to commemorate it

  • Sandy

    They no longer do this at Disney or at Disney Springs “Downtown Disney” I was their I’m May 2017. My kids were devastated.

  • Mary Foulk

    Thank you for sharing this. I’ve been looking forward to doing this with my kids for the last two years. I’m very sad to hear they don’t have this anymore. :( It seems it’s been replaced by “custom t-shirts”. =/