Could This be a New Addition to Cinderella Castle?

Mandie Manzano has digitally created something that looks like it would fit seamlessly into Cinderella Castle.  You can see more of her work on her Facebook FanPage.  I would love to see these in real glass form although the digital versions are stunning enough on their own.

disney character stained glass

rapunzel tangled disney stained glass art

pocahontas disney stained glass

Alice in Wonderland Disney Stained Glass Art

mulan stained glass Disney

ariel little mermaid disney stained glass

ursula little mermaid disney stained glass


  • Ro

    Maybe there’s still time for the BatB ones to be put in the Beast’s castle.  These are stunning!

  • Anonymous

    Absolutely gorgeous art – would love it at my house 😉  Just pinned this to share with others.

  • Kelly DeBardelaben

    I would love to see her work in real glass!!!

    She is an awesome artist …i follow her on the DeviantArt website

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