Check Out the Hot and Spicy Eats from Tokyo Disney Sea

It’s Summer and it’s HOT! So let us take a look at some of the hot and spicy treats to be had at the Tokyo Disney Sea Resort!

Tokyo Disney Sea Chicken and Rice

Pictured above…(left) The Chicken Basket from the Lucky Nugget Cafe. This offers two types of chicken with one being Red Hot Chicken, fries and cole slaw. (right) The second dish is available at The Boiler Room, with a name like that it’s bound to be hot! This is a pork and rice dish and from the looks of it, it is rice and egg rolled in spicy bacon.

Tokyo Disney Sea ribs beer and fried pasta

Up next are selections from Zambini Brothers Ristorante (left) Next to that ice cold beer is a big cup of fried pasta…that’s right, deep fried pasta to snack on and their pizza.  Also pictured (right) the Black Pepper Pork Ribs from Restaurant Sakura.