Changes to the Walt Disney World Tram System

Disney Trams get DoorsWell…it was just a matter of time…looks like the Walt Disney World Resort is taking extra precautions to keep guests safe while transporting them from the parking lot to the entrance of the park.

These photos were taken this week by my buddy Todd Perlmutter ( at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and show that doors are being added to the Walt Disney World Tram System.  From the looks of it, the doors need to be opened and closed manually. “Stroller Toting” parents…what do you think?

Disney Trams get Doors

Disney Trams get Doors

Disney Trams get Doors

  • As a stroller toting parent who experienced the new tram doors at Disney's Animal Kingdom I can say that it makes it MUCH harder to get on/off the tram

    As noted the doors must be manually opened which is a chore with arms full of stroller and/or kid(s). Plus we found that other guests were less than considerate and many times allowed the door to slam shut in front of you.

    Also, the door creates a significantly narrower opening compared to the doorless model. We have a double stroller. While it is the same height as our single, when folded, it is twice as thick and significantly heavier. Add a narrow opening and you have a recipe for a tweaked back.

    The trams were already a pain in the back for those with strollers the doors have made me want to walk no matter how far we are in the back of the lot.

    Having said all that, I understand why they are doing it and have personally witnessed reckless behavior by kids on trams.

  • I understand the reason for it, but it's going to be such a hassle. I guess I'll just be getting more walking in!

  • If we were gonna be putting doors on the tram, than we should have just used the designs from the Backlot Tour, would have been much easier on folks especially the parents with kids and strollers. I dont like the door designs. I understand their reasoning for them but after nearly 40 years of no doors……

  • Not a fan of the doors, but here was something I thought was funny. As we were loading onto the tram with doors they announced that we could not use the door as a arm rest, we were not allowed to have any part of out arm on the top of the door or the hinge mechanisms. It was not to be used as a arm rest.

    I have to ask myself why now, what has happened that we need doors?

  • It looks like it would have been more advantageous to guests if the doors had been mounted on the outside of the tram body instead of in the entry way of each row

  • I confess…I rarely take a tram when entering a park unless it's at Magic Kingdom and I am far far away from the Transportation and Ticket Center. Most of the time I will walk.

  • Were those the auto doors that slid into the body of the tram?

  • I believe someone dropped something off the tram and was injured when they jumped off to retrieve it