Add “Disney Tangled: The Video Game” for the Wii to Your Christmas Shopping List

Tangled WiiYou may want to add one more present to your shopping list this Christmas.  Disney Tangled: The Video Game for the Wii.  My family was provided a review copy (full disclosure) a la Disney Interactive Studios and my 11-year-old sat and played it for hours.

Disney Tangled: The Video Game takes up to four players on a film-inspired adventure. Fans venture into a colorful 3D Kingdom where they discover multiple activities, meet interesting characters, befriend animals and work as a team.  Players can literally swing into action as Rapunzel using her golden locks, pull objects and climb, grow flowers in “charm mode”, collect sun drops to earn points and collect colors to paint the tower wall.   As Flynn, players can climb walls, climb up Rapunzel’s hair, clear obstacles, thwart thugs with his sword and discover hidden treasure using his “Flynntuition”. In order to win challenges faster players work as a team and collect as many items as possible. My daughter was able to play both Rapunzel and Flynn at the same time and used the “Hold my Hand” feature.

Key Features:

  • Journey through a colorful 2D storybook adventure filled with comedy, discovery and quests
  • Visit familiar locations from the movie including the Forest, Village, Snuggly Duckling, Tower and others
  • Encounter new people and animals that help overcome in-game challenges
  • Play a variety of intuitive puzzles and mini games
  • Brush Rapunzel’s hair, paint Flynn’s wanted posters, make cupcakes, race goats and groom horses

The Wii version of this game is priced at $39.99…however a free Tangled movie ticket valued at $7.50 is included with the video game. This game is rated “E” for Everyone.

Note: You may want to take your child to see the movie first. I had seen an advanced screening of Tangled but my daughter had not and the opening sequence gives a lot of the storyline away to a player who may not have seen the movie yet.