31 Disney Halloween Craft and Recipe Ideas

mickey-pumpkins-recipe-photo-260x260-clittlefield-CMickey’s Pumpkin Patch

Leave it to Mickey to come up with this ear-resistible Halloween decoration. Made from easy-to-mix salt dough, these colorful miniature pumpkins create a colorful windowsill or tabletop display. One batch yields 4 or 5 pumpkins. Double or triple the recipe, and you can make enough to hide around the house for a Halloween party scavenger hunt. Instructions Here

spooky-skellington-lampshade-craft-photo-260x260-clittlefield-ESpooky Skellington Lampshade

No one casts Halloween in the same light as the “pumpkin king with a skeleton grin.” This decoupage holiday lampshade depicts the skeletal master of fright lamenting his fate in the glow of the full moon. Instructions Here

3d-ursula-printables-photo-260x260-fs-20833D Ursula Papercraft

Under the sea, Ursula is an evil sorceress. But take her out of her element, and her power is lost. This 3D papercraft is fun to put together, and it’s only a tentacle’s reach away! Instructions and Template Here

Ducky-Ghosts-photo-260-CL-0092DHuey, Dewey & Louie Ghosts

For Huey, Dewey, and Louie, Halloween is three times the fun. With matching ghost costumes, these famous triplet ducklings are truly identical. Even their uncle Donald and great-uncle Scrooge McDuck can’t tell them apart. Made from stiffened cotton, these web footed apparitions make a real stand-up decoration. Instructions and Template Here

sea-spiders-craft-Halloween-photo-260-CL-0049Ariel’s Sea Spiders

When it comes to being spooky, the spiders that inhabit the Little Mermaid’s watery world have at least one leg up on the typical landlubber arachnid. Their appendages are extra spindly, which makes them well equipped to crawl amongst the marine plants and animal colonies that live on the sea floor of Atlantica. Like the real sea spiders they’re modeled after, these long-legged critters are black and orangey — just right for adding a creepy touch of color to your household come Halloween. Instructions Here

halloween-party-invitation-disneyDisney Halloween Party Invitations

Get out your ghosts and summon your spooks; dead or alive, this party’s for you! Invite your friends to your soiree, and scare them silly on that day. Template Here

mickey-mummy-cupcakes-recipe-disneyMickey Mummy Cupcakes

Need a cool and creepy treat to wrap up your Halloween party menu? Here’s one that features a special famous guest mummified in sweet marshmallow strips. Recipe Here

Donald's-Candy-Corn-Cookies-photoDonald Duck’s Candy Corn Cookies

If you go trick-or-treating in Donald Duck’s neighborhood, you’re apt to end up with a treat bag full of corn. Not your standard cracked kernels, but a more festive variety befitting the holiday: sweet frosted candy corn cookies. With a little cookie icing, you and your young masqueraders can whip up a batch just like them in no time. Recipe and Instructions Here

tabletop-dragon-craft-photo-maleficentMaleficent Tabletop Dragon

In the eleventh hour, Maleficent transforms herself into a formidable dragon to prevent Prince Phillip’s escape from her dungeon. Just as it appears that the Prince will meet his demise, the three fairies work their magic on his sword, and it is the dragon that is ultimately defeated. Inspired by the villainess’s infamous fiery reptile, this tabletop paper model is ready to strike a scary pose, making it a fabulous Halloween, or year round, decoration. Younger kids may need some help cutting out the intricate spikes and claws, but they’ll have fun fitting the pieces together and embellishing them with glitter glue. Template Here

Mischievous-Mittens-Mask-BOLTMischievous BOLT Mittens Mask

It wouldn’t be Halloween without your requisite black cat, and this homemade mask breaks the mold. Modeled after super dog Bolt’s sassy feline sidekick, it’s simply created by gluing together a few scrapbook paper and cardstock cutouts to make a quick costume starter. For the rest of the costume, all you need are black clothes and white shoes and gloves (for white paws). For an extra authentic touch, you can also pin a patch of white faux fur or craft paper on the front of a black shirt to resemble Mitten’s white chest. Template Here

oogie-boogie-monster-craft-photoNightmare Before Christmas Oogie Boogie Monster

Looking a bit like a lime green potato sack and hailing from Halloween Town, Oogie Boogie has an insatiable appetite for bugs. Luckily for him, his three trick-or-treater henchmen, Lock, Shock, and Barrel, feed him a steady supply via a metal chute extending from their clubhouse to his underground lair. Made in his likeness, this bright green felt monster is great for storing your child’s toy insects, spiders, and the like. Template Here

Frosty-Leaf-Ghosts-photo-pixie hollowRosetta’s Pixie Hollow Frosty Leaf Ghosts

Of all the tasks that befall Rosetta in her role as a garden fairy, painting the flowers is her favorite. So, it only makes sense that she would find a way to extend the pastime into the fall — such as engaging the other fairies to help coat the leaves with sparkly white frost and then drawing on ghost faces to decorate the hollow for Halloween. Using silk leaves, paint, and glitter, you and your child can follow suit in your neck of the woods. Instructions Here

octopus-cupcakes-Halloween-photo-ursulaUrsula’s Octopus Cupcakes

If there’s one undersea resident that’s well armed to stir up some Halloween mischief, it’s the unscrupulous sea witch Ursula. Well here’s a fun trick that turns the table on this menacing Octopian — a cupcake decorating technique that proves octopuses can be super sweet. Recipe Here

haunted-mansion-halloween-printable-photoHaunted Mansion Hitchhiking Ghosts Papercraft

Make sure you invite Ezra, Phineas, and Gus to the party. We have a feeling they will find a way to get there even if you don’t. Template and Instructions Here

poison-apple-cookies-recipe-photo-snow whiteSnow White Poison Apple Cookies

To create the infamous “wishing” apple that puts Snow White to sleep, Queen Grimhilde dunks it in a green potion that briefly reveals a goblin face before turning skin an irresistible shade of shiny red. Covered with sweet green frosting, instead of potion, these Halloween cookies are equally tempting. And you can rest assured they won’t send you off to the land of nod! Recipe Here

Pirate-Skeleton-Hand-photoPirates of the Caribbean Skeleton Hand

Contrary to outside appearances, the pirates of the Caribbean are a lot less skin than bones. Their mortal likenesses are actually cover-ups for the skeletal forms they truly are. Likewise, this bony pirate hand is not as it seems. Made from candy-coated pretzels, it’s really a sweet-and-salty Halloween treat — perfect to serve at a party or for a classroom snack. Recipe Here

minnie-witch-hat-craft-photoMinnie’s Witch Hat

Here’s a Halloween heads up for Minnie fans: any costume looks better with polka dots. Topped with a pair of distinctive mouse ears and tied with a spotted bow, this classic witch hat is a colorful case in point. Instructions Here

mouse-ears-craft-Halloween-photoMickey and Minnie Mouse Ears

Ears a costume topper inspired by a pair of true Halloween party animals. Fashioned from stiff felt, these distinctive headbands can be whipped up in no time flat, making them great last-minute props. To complete the get-ups, simply have your kids choose outfits from their own wardrobes and provide them with white gloves. Instructions Here

halloween-countdown-calendar-disneyDisney Halloween Countdown Calendar

Join Mickey & Friends as you count down the 13 thrilling days to October 31st. There’s plenty of frightful fun to keep you busy until Halloween! Template and Instructions Here

maleficents-horns-craft-photoMaleficnet Horns Headpiece

She calls herself the “Mistress of All Evil,” and indeed she is a force to be reckoned with. Clothed in a dark robe and a distinctive horned headdress, this green-skinned fairy can cast any number of evil spells as well as shape shift into a monstrous dragon. With this spiky poster board headband and a little face paint, so too can your trick-or-treater perform a stunning transformation — into Maleficent herself. Template Here

halloween-haunted-mansion-printable-tomb sweet tombHaunted Mansion Tomb Sweet Tomb Candy Box

The only thing that could make this tomb any sweeter would be a some gummy worms and edible eyeballs. Template Here

pirates-loot-bags-HalloweenPirate’s Loot Grab Bags

Chances are your kids will rub elbows with at least one Jack this Halloween, be it a Sparrow or a lantern. These eye-patched pumpkin goody bags are just the right size to fill and hand out to pirate-loving party guests or trick-or-treaters. They also make a great fall fundraiser for a school bazaar. Template Here

Evil-Queen-Mask-Halloween-craft-snow whiteSnow White Evil Queen Mask

In the end, the Evil Queen actually forfeited the very thing she held most dear — her beauty — by turning herself into an old hag in order to deceive the unsuspecting Snow White. With this hand-held mask, your child can look through the eyes of the monarch who once was the fairest in the land. Template Here

Jack-Skellington-Cupcakes-photoJack Skellington Cupcakes

Much as he wanted it to be, Christmas did not turn out to be Jack Skellington’s forté. Still, with a bow tie that resembles a bat and a pet dog whose nose looks like a glowing Jack-o’-lantern, Jack remains king of Halloween. After all, who else do you know that can remove his own head and put it back on again none the worse for wear? Inspired by this remarkable trick, these cupcakes make a sweet, if nightmarish, Halloween treat. Recipe Here

Forest-eyes-cupcakes-Halloween-snow whiteSnow White’s Frightful Forest Eye Cupcakes

For Snow White, being abandoned by the Evil Queen’s huntsman was truly an eye-opening experience. The startled princess spent a terrifying night under the watch of countless creepy peepers only to discover in the light of day that they belonged to kindly animals that would lead her to safety. Likewise, these eye-catching cupcakes may cause your kids to pause — but so too will they be a delightful sight. Recipe Here

Mickey Mouse Pumpkin TemplateMickey Mouse Pumpkin

Mickey is not frightful but delightful as he looks out from his Halloween Jack’o’lantern. Template Here

Pirate-Skull-Cookies-photoPirate Skull Cookies

Destined to sail the seas as undead marauders, the pirates of the Caribbean could no longer experience the simplest pleasures afforded humans. Even the sweet flavor of Halloween treats — such as these wide-eyed, toothy skulls — became a treasured memory. Luckily young mortal masqueraders can more than fathom how good they taste. Recipe Here

halloween-pumpkin-template-printable-photo-jack skellingtonJack Skellington Halloween Pumpkin

It’s sure to be a Nightmare Before Christmas with Jack on your doorstep. Template Here

halloween-haunted-mansion-tombstone cupcakesHaunted Mansion Tombstone Cupcakes

Your guests will be eager to reserve their plot when they see this ghoulish, yet delicious cupcake cemetery. Template Here

fairy-godmother-wand-craft-photoFairy Godmother Halloween Pumpkin Wand

Come Halloween, a certain fairy godmother might well be inclined to dress up her wand with a little holiday flare. And what could be more fitting than topping it with a sparkly pumpkin reminiscent of the one she transformed into Cinderella’s glittery coach? Template Here

captain-hook-cake-recipe-photoCaptain Hook Cake

You could say Captain Hook’s obsession to get revenge on Peter Pan is way out of hand. But then again, had Peter not fed the pirate’s appendage to a hungry crocodile, he might not have lost his grip. Inspired by the dastardly villain, this cake features a shiny hook shaped out of ready-to-use fondant and is “polished” with edible gold dust (both of which you can readily find in the cake decorating aisle at large craft stores and department stores). Template and Recipe Here

A BIG thanks to DisneyFamily.com for all of the Spooktacular Ideas!!! Happy Halloween Everyone!